Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Clean your Dryer Duct

While its warm now, its gonna start getting cold soon! Make sure you clean out your dryer duct before it gets too chilly!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cleaning your Stove top the Natural way

How often do you clean your stovetop? Do you wipe up spills and splatters right away? Or do you, ahem, let it build up? And after you've got a crust of burnt gunk, how do you clean it up? Here's a tip for those of us who, again, ahem, procrastinate on cleaning the stove. There's a secret weapon we've found for getting it clean with no harsh chemicals and with a minimum of elbow grease.

The secret weapon is simple: Your hot water kettle!
This is what I do when my stove gets a little crusty and thick with burnt-on stuff. I boil water in the kettle, then dribble just a little water over the entire stovetop. I let it sit for about five minutes to do its work and to cool off a bit. Then I go at the stove with a soft scrub pad or steel wool if necessary. The crusty stuff comes right off, and I finish up with just a bit of soap and a final rinse. Result: Sparkling clean stovetop!
Now, this method may not work for all stoves; if you have a ceramic or induction cooktop, check your instructions and documentation. But overall, what's simpler and more kitchen-friendly than hot water? It soaks stuff right off, and is completely natural and chemical-free. The power of boiling water — never underestimate it!